Filmed by Reuben Hernandez

Watch as Reuben captures the magic that happens when NYC ballerinas and artist JR come together to collaborate.


How did you connect with JR and the New York City Ballet?

I actually learned about JR’s work through Ira, after JR won the Ted Prize back in 2011 and became a huge fan of his work. Later that year, I saw on Twitter that JR was doing a giant pasting near the Highline so I went to take some photos. At that time I met Marc, JR’s studio manager, and Marc eventually invited me to work with JR and his team. So I suppose I have to thank Twitter for connecting me to JR and his team!


What was the purpose of or inspiration behind this project?

JR collaborated with the NYC Ballet in 2014 for the New York City Ballet Art Series. He was commissioned to create some art pieces featuring some NYC Ballet dancers and my team and I were asked to film and photograph the behind the scenes process.


In what ways do documentary films and wedding films intersect?

Filming documentaries and weddings are very similar in that you constantly have to be aware and ready to film at any given moment so you never miss any important moments or details.


How is your process the same or different for documentary film-making versus weddings?

The process for filming documentaries and weddings is similar in that I aim to tell the story in the most beautiful and compelling way possible.