Whether during their college days at the University of Maryland or on their Big Day at Cipriani 25 Broadway, Allison and Aaron have a magnetic pull to each other that is evident to everybody who knows them—and anyone who watches this moving testimony to their love.

Cipriani 25 Broadway, NYC
Date held
Sat Apr 14th


  • Photography

    Ira Lippke
  • Filmmaking

    Adrian Toto

We are not entirely sure whether Adrian arrived or materialized, he does speak some weird languages in addition to English and loves Super 8mm film more than digital. He is known for creating intensely immersive wedding films that give viewers the sense of having been in the middle of things. “What is this interview? Do I know you?” he said. “Hey, lady, you don't need the chloroform, I am available to film the wedding!!” he added. I believe him and all but .. I'd better make sure. It's a mom thing.

Adrian Toto