What was the best planning advice you received?

Take your time, don’t rush anything.


What was the first wedding planning decision you made?

Adam: The State – Brittany was from New York but our lives were based in Atlanta. We wanted our friends and family to get a glimpse of our lives in our new hometown, where we first met, and where our love story began!


What was the easiest planning decision you made? The most difficult?

Brittany: Choosing the location was pretty easy as soon as we stepped foot into Flourish, Atlanta. The band, only because I needed them to be the absolute best. We searched high and low and eventually came across Jessie’s Girls in Atlanta and was just blown away by all of them!


Did anything surprise you?

A lot of people said we wouldn’t eat any food and we thought they were crazy, but we really ended up not eating a thing and we were so upset about it because the tasting was incredible!


Did you incorporate any personalized components into your wedding ceremony?

Brittany: Yes. I had my poppy Allan’s hankie wrapped around my bouquet. He unfortunately passed away a few months before the wedding.


What aspects of your wedding most reflected your personality?

The food. We are horrible at making decisions, so we literally had a plethora of everything we both love to eat including mini pot pies, pigs in a blanket, mac n’ cheese, sushi, a walking raw bar, adult milkshakes and cheesecake pops!


What moment from your day stands out the most in your memory?

Our first look was really special. We went to a beautiful quiet park in Atlanta and it was so romantic and nice to be alone just the two of us before everything got crazy.


Is there anything you would do differently?

We would have eaten!


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