Blind dates seem like something of the past – a dating practice reserved for 1980’s rom-coms. So when Emma and David told us that they first met on a blind date, schemed by a mutual friend, we were surprised. Of their first meeting, the newlyweds recall, “We had drinks at a rooftop bar and neither of us could stop smiling.”

One Saturday, after many more successful dates, David told Emma there was a work get-together they needed to attend. “When I came downstairs to meet David in an Uber, he was nowhere to be found,” Emma says. Little did she know, the work gathering was just a ruse – a trick to send her on a scavenger hunt around the city, with clues along the way leading her to places that were significant to their relationship. The final stop was the hotel where they first had drinks on their blind date. When she arrived, David was waiting there to ask her a question.

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The Plaza Hotel
Date held
Sat Apr 22nd

Fluent in English, Greek, Romanian and Italian as well, Adrian is  The Day’s most multilingual filmmaker and photographer—not to mention its proudest mustache wearer. He is known for creating intensely immersive wedding films that give viewers the sense of having been in the middle of things. “I’m one of the few remaining masochists who are still willing to shoot Super 8mm film,” he says. “It always lends that wonderful, unmistakable and unrepentant look that no amount of computer trickery can imitate.”

Adrian Toto