As new classmates at Georgetown, Katie and Brendan met on their first day of freshman year in their Spanish class. Being that Spanish is a romance language, it’s fitting that these two would eventually find themselves entwined. “While the language wasn’t necessarily her strong suit, I was immediately drawn to her infectious personality,” explains Brendan. “Even in our first interactions, I noticed that she had an innate ability to not only put a smile on my face, but keep it there.” After building a friendship, Katie and Brendan started dating in their sophomore year and have been together now seven years and counting.

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Rainbow Room, NYC
Date held
Sat Oct 28th


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    Adrian Toto

Fluent in English, Greek, Romanian and Italian as well, Adrian is  The Day’s most multilingual filmmaker and photographer—not to mention its proudest mustache wearer. He is known for creating intensely immersive wedding films that give viewers the sense of having been in the middle of things. “I’m one of the few remaining masochists who are still willing to shoot Super 8mm film,” he says. “It always lends that wonderful, unmistakable and unrepentant look that no amount of computer trickery can imitate.”

Adrian Toto