We consider it a true privilege to capture the most important day in a couple’s lives, be it in still photographs or moving pictures. Film has the ability to take you back in a truly special way to those significant life moments; you can hear the voices of those closest to you, witness the emotions as they move across faces, and experience again the often fleeting but meaningful exchanges that occur only once in a lifetime. We are delighted to share those moments from Mary & Jordan’s day with you. While watching this trailer, it’s impossible not to feel the love and happiness that was shared between the bride and groom, and all of their friends and family. It’s evident in their looks and touches – so sweet and honest.

Oyster Bay Cove
Date held
Sat Aug 22nd

With a background in stage lighting, behind-the-scenes Fashion Week films and tongue-in-cheek style advertorials, Adrian Toto has been creating films with The Day over the past 10 years that are equal parts stylish, playful and emotionally resonant. Intermixing digital footage with super 8, time-lapse and aerial footage, Adrian’s features are a moving tribute to some of the world’s most memorable weddings.

Adrian Toto