Married at Liberty Warehouse, situated on the water’s edge in Red Hook, Rachel and Ilan could barely contain their happiness. If the venue detached and started floating down the river, they might not have noticed or even given a damn.

Liberty Warehouse
Date held
Sun Feb 19th

Everyone loves a great love story. What is yours?

Ilan: My friend from work texted me one evening telling me that she bumped into an old friend at her cousins birthday party. They got to talking and when the inevitable dating question arose, she decided to tell her about me. I called her and we went out a few weeks later.

Rachel: Our first date was at The Room, the place where Ilan brought all of his first dates. At one point, I got up to go to the bathroom. A girl waiting behind me in line told me she was on a first date and asked if I was too. Apparently, her date was not going so well, but she made a point to tell me that our date “looked like so much fun.” We had a few rounds of drinks and capped it off with some late night Joe’s Pizza. We’ve been together ever since.


What are three things you wish you’d known before planning your wedding?

One – Planning a wedding is a roller coaster of emotion. It is crazy, hectic, overwhelming and exciting at the same time. Just ride the wave. It only happens once! Two – Our wedding day turned out to be a sunny, 65 degree day in the middle of February. If we had some magic crystal ball that could have promised that in advance, we could have avoided many arguments with worried mothers and grandmothers about a cancelled wedding due to a blizzard! Three – Shit happens. Things will not go as planned. It’s okay!


What was on your wedding wishlist?

Ilan: My wish list for the wedding was to find the right DJ that would understand my insanely anal musical preferences. Once that was accomplished, it was my sole purpose to find the right blend of music that would keep the party groovin’ on the dance floor. Mission accomplished.

Rachel: As a teacher, my Type A personality was kicked into high gear during wedding planning. I had lists upon lists, my lists even had lists. A big ticket item on my wish list was the decor. I love interior design, so the wedding was a fun experience getting to play around with a hobby of mine. Once I decided on a black and white theme, it was all about making sure that my vision was executed properly. Mission accomplished.


Describe a moment from your day you hope to never forget.

Rachel: It’s not so much a moment, but more of a feeling that I will never forget. Everyone warns you that although your wedding is the best day of your life, it goes by in a flash. That day, I made sure to just immerse myself in the overwhelming love and warmth of our friends and family. Looking back at the pictures, I see the smile on my face and I know just how happy I was. I was truly floating. I will always remember that feeling.

Ilan: After our after party, when the last drop of liquor was drunk, Rachel and I walked the four blocks from the bar to our hotel. As we walked, with a pie of pizza in hand, there was this sense of excitement, knowing that although the wedding festivities were over, this was the first of many late night walks with pizza, as husband and wife. I guess we’ve come a long way since that first night at Joe’s.


What would you say is the most valuable thing you have learned from one another?

Rachel: Ilan has a zest for life that exudes out of his pores. He loves learning new things, exploring new places, meeting new people. Ilan has opened my eyes and has taught me to be more spontaneous.

Ilan: As someone who never ever slows down or sleeps, and is constantly running on all cylinders, Rachel’s love of relaxation and comfort has taught me the importance of slowing down and embracing the present, without additional distractions.


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