White on white was the theme of the day in Michelle and Leon’s winter wedding at The Plaza. Softly drifting snow and layers of luxurious lace provided the backdrop for this film trailer, which shows that human warmth and nature’s chill aren’t at all incompatible on the Big Day.

The Plaza, NYC
Date held
Sat Dec 9th


  • Photography

    Ira Lippke
  • Filmmaking

    Adrian Toto

Adrian is difficult to explain. He shows up on your wedding day with his gear and before you know it you forget all about him although he’s always there with you. When you’re jumping on the bed or popping the champagne, fighting Mom’s tears or letting them roll down your face when Dad walks in. He’s there when you’re at a loss for words seeing your bride for the first time or when you dance with your groom on Fifth Avenue and for a heartbeat the whole of Manhattan becomes a blur around you. He’s there when your hand trembles so much you can’t even read your vows or when you kiss your wife before you “may” because you just can’t help it. When you’re afraid you forgot your first dance steps, when you’re holding to the chair for dear life, when you’re crowd surfing and when you just. can’t. stop. kissing. When you break your heel and your cousin rips his pants and neither give a damn. When you finally take a deep breath and for a brief second ask yourself “Is this real? Am I dreaming?” Adrian is the filmmaker who proves that it was entirely real—even if it seemed like a dream. And thanks to his films, he’s the one who enables you to relive that dream over and over again.

Adrian Toto