Black Sabbath on the Sabbath? Not quite—Jonathan and his groomsmen started their “Iron Man” chant after sundown but before dancing in to the bedecken, where the sublime Stephanie awaited her veiling. Our man Adrian Toto caught this—and the couple’s amazing all-day, non-stop love-in of a wedding—in this treat of a film trailer. Stay tuned for a full-on photo feature of Jonathan and Stephanie’s Cipriani Wall Street event in weeks to come, when you’ll be able to see more instances of Stephanie’s loveliness and Jonathan’s not-to-be missed imitation of the Energizer Bunny.

Cipriani Wall Street, NYC
Date held
Sun Jan 14th


  • Photography

    Ira Lippke
  • Filmmaking

    Adrian Toto

Fluent in English, Greek, Romanian and Italian as well, Adrian is  The Day’s most multilingual filmmaker and photographer—not to mention its proudest mustache wearer. He is known for creating intensely immersive wedding films that give viewers the sense of having been in the middle of things. “I’m one of the few remaining masochists who are still willing to shoot Super 8mm film,” he says. “It always lends that wonderful, unmistakable and unrepentant look that no amount of computer trickery can imitate.”

Adrian Toto