One fateful evening at a New York City nightclub, Morgan and Trevor were brought together by a common connection – Morgan’s sister. As Trevor recalls, Morgan had just split up with her boyfriend and claims he was a rebound. “I think I was revenge to him,” he ponders. “Oh well, it was my lucky day meeting her!” Clearly not all too concerned, Trevor – who didn’t live in NYC at the time – saw Morgan the next time he was in the city. “He was so obsessed with me that the next time he was in New York, he took me to dinner ten nights in a row,” says Morgan. “I thought, wow – this is my twin, we think the same, but she is way cooler, dresses better, and is really cute,” Trevor recalls about his first dates with Morgan. “I like her.” Rebound or not, it worked out – and the rest, as they say, is history.

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The Pierre
Date held
Sat Oct 21st


  • Photography

    Ira Lippke
  • Filmmaking

    Reuben Hernandez

With a unique aesthetic that often integrates lively time-lapse photography and vintage film stock into his wedding narratives, Reuben Hernandez is a storyteller who began making films at an early age.

Reuben Hernandez