Omg the day is FINALLY here, I just can’t wait to party!!!!



When and how did the two of you meet, and what is most memorable about your first meeting?

REMI: We were set up on a blind date in 2016 by mutual friends, both of which were in our wedding parties!. I just remember not expecting anything (because he was from London of course, but boy was I was wrong) We both didn’t want the date to end and after drinks, dinner and switching locations to another restaurant for dessert he ended the night by walking me home like a true gentleman!


On your day, what was your first thought when you woke up in the morning?

REMI: Omg the day is FINALLY here, I just can’t wait to party!!!!

ZACK: Well firstly I couldn’t wait to marry the girl of my dreams, but also to see Remi’s unbelievably hard work planning our wedding come to fruition. She really had thought of every single detail!


When and where did the proposal take place, and how did it unfold?

REMI: Zack proposed on a Thursday at soho farmhouse. He had our good friends in on it, saying the guys were surprising us girls with a weekend trip! We had gotten there before our friends and had a morning filled with activities of horseback riding and getting massages. Eventually when they brought us to our cabin, I walked into a room filled with candles and fresh rose petals that spelt out marry me? The best surprise is that both our parents were hiding in the next room to surprise me and help us celebrate! The following week a bunch of my best friends came to London and we got to have an engagement party, and we definitely did celebrate haha!!


Which quality do you most admire about one another?

REMI: Zack is a go getter. When he has his mind set on something he doesn’t stop till its done and its super inspiring! I need that quality to rub off on me more.

ZACK: Remi has the best personality of anyone I have ever met. She has the ability to talk to anyone and anything!

Wow. Wow. Wow. I was totally blown away. Remi looked sensational! I may be biased but she was the best looking bride I’d ever seen!


Remi is from NY and it’s where our story together began...


New York is my happy place and the best city in the world!



Describe any specific family or cultural traditions that were important to you during your wedding planning.

REMI: A traditional religious ceremony was super important to both our families. We flew Zack’s family rabbi in from London to marry us. We spent the past few months meeting with him and his wife and developing a very close relationship! We also flew in the Chazan from London, who sang us and our bridal parties down the aisle to some of our favourite songs in Hebrew.


How did you choose your wedding venue and aesthetic?

REMI: I’m New Yorker, but certainly a downtown girl. Capitale felt that it held New York history, while still keeping it true to who I am!


Which feature of your wedding was the most unique?

REMI: Since Zack is from London and I’m from New York – things are done differently in both places. We tried to make sure we mixed the two traditions as much as we can!


What was running through your mind while walking down the aisle?

REMI: So many emotions, I was trying so hard not to cry because I knew once I started I would never stop! Walking towards Zack to our incredible chuppa and having everyone we loved watch us get married made me beyond emotional! It was such a special moment.

ZACK: I couldn’t believe that after a year of planning it all came down to this moment. It was very emotional walking down with my parents seeing all my family and friends who had flown from London all there in the same room. As Remi walked towards me I just remember it was a feeling I can’t describe in words.

As Remi walked towards me I just remember it was a feeling I can't describe in words.



What do you hope your guests remember most about your wedding day?

REMI & ZACK: How much love was in the room that night!


If you had to choose, what would you say was the best part of your wedding day?

REMI & ZACK: The party! We all let loose, especially our moms who didn’t leave the stage!


What was your most memorable moment?

ZACK: We ended the night with New York, New York! Everyone was belting it out!!!

REMI: I grabbed the microphone and gave a small performance as Zack’s groomsmen all got up on stage and danced behind me!

The best part of the day was the party! We all let loose, especially our moms who didn't leave the stage!


We ended the night with New York, New York! Everyone was belting it out!!!


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